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AMRCON Improvements – Nov. 2009

dee04I wanted to take a minute and provide our members with a few updates here at AMRCON. I am pleased to say we’re still growing and carefully continuing to provide better products and service to our clients. We understand that in order to retain and earn the business of new clients, we need to continue with the vision of making our clients the most important part of our business. Given that we need to make changes from time-to-time. Here are a few of the changes that we have successfully implemented.

  • In October we completed a small expansion project in our main office to allow for additional employee seating. Most of all it provided a better configuration to provide fast response to our walk-in clients in our store front.
  • A few months ago AMRCON realized the need for a Dispatch Manager to better serve our clients. We tested and changed internal protocol to allow a single point of contact for our help desk. The purpose was to provide better efficiency to the tickets already in progress with our technicians instead of pausing to talk to new incoming calls. It also provides a layer of quality control for accuracy and making sure the flow of tickets are meeting our guarantees.
  • AMRCON has hired our new Dispatch Manager Richard Wong. If you have not had the opportunity to speak with him, I’m sure you will the next time you have the need for support. Richard is a seasoned  service coordinator from Dow Jones and Company. In addition he has experience with level 1 support, so he is an excellent resource for point of contact at AMRCON. We’re very pleased to have him on board. His direct extension is 2309 and his email is rwong@amrcon.com.
  • Our Keyport dataroom went through an upgrade to provide even better up-time and availability through a power outage. Additional battery runtime was added as well as an upgrade to a larger generator backup. This will ensure our availability for smooth management and support quality in the event of an extended local outage. Additional cooling has been added to the dataroom as well, to handle additional future expansion.
  • Internal policies has also been updated to include help desk protocol as well as others. These are dynamic changes that take place once an issue is recognized in our plan. Be assured that our help desk team and policies are adaptive. All of our valued clients benefit from our diligent eye on our own efficiency.

As a business partner and trusted advisor to our clients I think it’s important to keep you posted. You provide us with a great trust in providing support service to you. Partners need to know what’s going on. Please feel free to ask questions in this blog and or post ideas. We welcome them all.