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AMRCON is Moving Our Operation to Matawan NJ!

AMRCON has been bursting at the seams for some time now in our current location at 92 Broad Street in Keyport, NJ. We’ve spent the past 18 months looking for a larger office space, but have just not been able to find a good fit. As you can imagine, it took quite a bit of careful thought to insure a move is right, not only for AMRCON, but also for our clients.

I am happy to tell you that we’ve finally found the perfect spot where AMRCON can continue to grow and serve our clients best.  As of May 1, we’ll be moving to our new location at 1070 State Route 34, in Matawan, NJ. 

Why are we moving?

When AMRCON opened for business in 2005, we chose the retail store front location on Broad Street in Keyport to provide easy access for our business clients and residential walk-in clients.   As AMRCON’s managed services clients grew, we were able to leverage the space just above the retail storefront to expand the business.  It allowed us just enough space to triple the amount of employees and double our space over the past two years. Today AMRCON has hundreds of clients all over the tri-state area, so location is a perk only if it serves our clients well. Although the Keyport area has been very good to us, it simply does not have the right location to allow us to grow. I personally love Keyport and proudly live only a few hundred feet away from our office. However, with the high profile clients on our roster, steady growth of our business and the need for more room, we decided to move to a more suitable office just in neighboring Matawan.

What does this mean to you and should you be concerned?

At AMRCON, we have helped dozens of businesses, large and small, move from one location to another.  Given that experience, we are confident that we have the talent and project management skills to deploy our new location with minimal, if any, affect to our valued clients. The move will carefully be staged in the best interest of not only our business clients but also our residential following.

Phase 1 of our move, the construction of our new office suite and the vital communications configuration that is critical to our client support, is already underway and expected to be complete by March 30th.  All infrastructure, such as supplemental cooling, our network operations room, security, alarms, communications and electrical aspects will be operational the moment we move.

On April 1, we will begin Phase 2, when we move non-critical aspects of our offices such as inventory, administrative services, and smaller items that can be moved. One weekend in April, still to be determined, all furnishings will be installed or moved from our current site. Our staff and equipment will still be operating at 92 Broad St., where we will continue to provide the same quality support services to our walk-in clients until April 30th. AMRCON will be 100% moved to our new location on May 1, and in place for business.

During this entire process we have made every effort to minimize the potential risk of outages. In fact, we only expect a small outage during the late evening on a weekend during our normal service window of maintenance. Parallel platforms will be set in place for fast turnover with virtually no downtime. Our walk-in clients can visit our new site as early as April 2nd.

If you have questions or concerns about our move, please feel free to call our offices. I’ll be more than happy to respond. –  732-705-5057

What are the benefits? (Larger, Parking, Conference Center, Tech Area)

Our new office is much larger and provides the ability to expand in ways that we could only hope for in our old location. For instance, our tech troubleshooting room will be completely isolated from the Network Operation Center “NOC.” Providing dedicated space to both entities provides more space for more business, and enables more AMRCON employees to handle walk-in clients or support calls coming into the NOC.  Our new suite will have greater security, with card level access dependant on security clearance. Video surveillance, call recording and compliance will be key aspects of continued concern. We will also benefit from a 4-hour battery run time, and a backup generator, at a location that has rarely had more than 5 minutes of downtime over the past 4 years.

Clients will have better access to the highways for on-site meetings, as well as easy access to the rail system. The parking is more than sufficient, and our new office provides a very comfortable ambiance through our atrium and into our office suite. Our employees will have a more comfortable work environment to provide higher quality support.

Just as we were excited to open our doors five years ago in Keyport, we are equally thrilled to be moving to this new location.  We hope you all come to visit.

In the end what will it accomplish?

We have found our new home at 1070 State Route 34, in Matawan. Our new, larger space will allow us to concentrate on continuing to grow and improve our products and services. Our business clients will notice a tremendous improvement in resources and capabilities, and we expect our walk-in business to triple in the next year. We plan to continue to earn the loyalty of our existing and future clients.

This is all possible because of you, our valued clients. Thank you!

Stay tuned, more news about our move to come.


3 Responses so far.

  1. Craig Gunter says:

    Exciting news, Dee! Welcome to Matawan. Looking forward to working with you as your company continues to grow. Congratulations!

  2. Mariano says:

    Great news Dee. Congratulations on the move, and I hope it leads to great things for the company. Though we’ll miss the business here in Keyport, it’s not like you’re *that* far away!

  3. Mike Bruno says:


    Pleasure seeing you at the meeting last night and good luck with the move. The photo’s look great and I wish you continued success and growth.