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AMRCON’s New Product Offering Brochure

 Recently, we spent countless hours developing the best representation of our company in a full-color printed brochure. We redeveloped our Mission Statement  and executive staff biographies and learned what our clients think about our company. We wanted the brochure to tell the story. And when you read it, I think  you will find we did just that.

Although AMRCON is not the only Managed Service Provider “MSP” out there, we know we set ourselves apart. In fact through the process of speaking to our clients for this brochure, we found several instances where we earned the business because of our native abilities. I think the MSP business is about customization and adaptation. We’re very proud to have Proctor & Gamble from a competitive experience. When we asked what made the difference, we were very surprised to find that our experience and thorough process of treating each client’s individual needs as the template to provide our ODS services. Although we have guidelines, protocol and process, one of our biggest assets is the ability to make sure we fit the client and not the other way around. I see other MSP’s out there doing the opposite. Read the testimonials  in the brochure or under Testimonials.

For those reading and learning about Managed Services for the first time, we discuss what it’s all about and where it spawned from. Although many MSP’s come from a combination of other service models, AMRCON is proud to say that it was formed back in 2005 as a native MSP. Our clients recognize this through our process always having the Managed Service practice in mind. This is quite evident through our SLA, agreements and other aspects where you will find AMRCON providing unprecedented guarantees and service offerings such as using the term “unlimited” quite often. I think this says a lot because we show that we stand behind our preventive and proactive methods by providing guarantees. This is yet another difference. 

I don’t want to give it all away so I invite you to read the brochure or look through the top navigation of this site to learn more about AMRCON. If anything perks your interest as a company in need of our services, a consulting firm looking to get into Managed Services, or just curious to learn more, feel free to give us a call.

Upon completion we found that our website really needed to reflect the great job our creative vendors did with our brochure, so we closed the old website and converted everything over to the blog where the blog and website prefixes now resolve. It was a key step in taking advantage of the blog content which has done very well for us in SEO “Search Engine Optimization” and building traffic to our site. We do this by keeping the site living and breathing. AMRCON was lucky enough to have started a newsletter following back  in 2007 which we eventually migrated from paper, to email, to web-based content which far outlives previous media. Now our posts are available forever online. This helps us build a presence. If there are any companies out there looking to learn more about the use of a blog and other social media objectives, know that AMRCON has not only developed these solutions for ourselves but countless other businesses. Contact us for more information.