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Cloud Computing vs. Virtualization: What’s the difference?

The terms cloud computing and virtualization are often used interchangeably. But, in reality, both technologies offer different approaches to managing an organization’s data infrastructure while reducing the cost of computing resources. Let’s take a look at these technologies and examine what makes them different. Virtualization: Many Servers on the Same Hardware Basically, virtualization allows an […]

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An IT Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist

In August 2011, New Jersey dealt with two extremely unusual natural disasters in a single week: an earthquake and a hurricane. While we were able to track Hurricane Irene for weeks and prepare for the worst, the earthquake came out of nowhere, striking a region not generally known for such events. The point is: disaster […]

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

AMRCON® Backup & Disaster Recovery When you absolutely cannot risk the loss of data  The primary goal of Backup and Disaster Recovery planning is to determine in advance how to keep your business operational despite any number of potential disasters.  AMRCON will work closely with you to analyze your business situation and help you prepare […]

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ODS Spam Guard

ODS Spam Guard is a superior email spam filter and anti-virus filter, with a unique email catch program that is offered through AMRCON as a managed service so you don’t have to worry about destructive emails bringing down your system.

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Simple explanation of Spyware-Spam-Phishing

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Spyware is the means through which hackers gain access to your computer and your private information. Spyware is defined as any software that covertly gathers user information through your Internet connection without your knowledge, usually for advertising purposes. It watches everything you do on the Internet and sends that information, including private e-mail, passwords, and […]

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