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How to Avoid a Twitter Takeover

Secure Your Twitter Account!In response to the AP debacle, Twitter is working on a new two-step authentication process, which they are planning to rollout to users soon. But you don’t have to wait for Twitter to make your social media account more secure. Here are a few simple steps you and other employees can take to keep your Twitter stream clean.

Use a stronger password!

This advice is obvious but, nonetheless, is ignored by a lot of people who still use their building number or birthdate as a password. That’s not enough! Having a strong password is the number one thing you can do to protect your Twitter account from a hijacking. For help, check out this post about creating a strong password that you can remember.

Review your permissions regularly.

There are a ton of applications that can gain access to your Twitter account. We often download these apps to make social media sharing easier but then end up not using them more than few times. Review your apps and add-ons regularly and delete any you no longer use or that you don’t remember downloading.

Don’t click on weird links.

Have you ever received a direct message from one of your Twitter followers like this, “Did You See This Pic Of You lol: http://phishingscam.com/”? Do not click on that link! If you receive a weird message from a follower, check with them on another platform like email or text message. If they didn’t send it, they’ve been hacked and should change their password stat.

It takes months–even years–for a business to build a devout social media following, but a Twitter takeover can kill your credibility overnight. Use these tips to keep your account secure and your followers happy.