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Is Your Business Network Suffering from Old Age?

Nowadays, when networks reach six or seven years old, they reach a point where they begin to slow down from old age. Unfortunately, due to recent economic strains, many business owners have had to decide whether to deal with the decreased productivity of their outdated network or to stretch their budgets and reinvest in an updated network.

AMRCON is ready to bring some relief to your business by offering you a much needed network hardware and workstation upgrades and virtualization of your server equipment into our private cloud environment for a price you can afford.

We avoid the costly replacement of servers and workstations as well as the professional services those upgrades require. We remove spinning hard drives from the PC and use a lite version of LINUX to connect you to your virtual desktop from the cloud that will look just the same as it did yesterday. But your servers will be gone.

Now with the removal of the servers you can figure 20-30% savings on power and cooling. Plus, for the removal of hard drives, you can figure a savings of 30-40% on desktop power consumption if not more since you can now shut these devices off at night since there is nothing to maintain.

Does this sound like something you could use? Give us a buzz at 732-705-5057 and get back to handling your business and not the worries of your IT.