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Personal Note for December 2010

Happy New Year everyone! I waitied to get my final note for 2010 unitl the year was over. January is always a time to reflect, get throguh the holidays and regroup to stay on track for the new year.

We’re very lucky that even with family that were in an out of hospitals, everyone closed out the year with good spirits and health in their line of site. What is it with the holidays and some of our presious family icons needing to spend time in the hospitals? Do they know that does not count as a siesta? I want to wish my grandmother Anna, or Baba as we call her in Ukrainian, good health for 2011.  I wish to extend good health to everyone needing that extra prayer for 2011.

Each year we have Santa make a special visit to the house for our annual christmas party. We have our close friends and family over to meet with the big guy and take some pictures. We also have the plaesure of celebrating little Deeko’s birthday. So as you can imagine December is quite a busy month as I’m sure it is for most with little ones. The holidays were a terrific time for the Rudko’s. We even had a little extra gift that the guy upstairs provided us this year. Yes, we’re going to have our third little one by July of 2011. We’re quite excited and closing the gap for our 4-5 goal and yes my wife knows the goal, lol. We’re truly blessed.

So we had another amazing year at AMRCON. We have so many things to be truly grateful for. It’s amazinfg to be in our 6th year and in our new office. We have quite the 2011 planned. We’ve extended priority on a few verticles this year and are very excited to already have strong case studies in these areas. Watch for news to come. AMRCON will also be breaking ground on an extention of our offices here at 1070 State Route 34 in Matawan. We will be building out an office primarily for our ODS Mnaged Services Partners but will also be used for overflow that we are expecting in the next year or so that we have planned. New products will be announced shortly as well. Our 2011 company kick off dinner is going to take place next week, so I can’t spill the beens on everything now, but keep looking out. We have some big plans coming through. Thank you to all of our values cleints, frined and family. I wish all the best for you in 2011. Dee Rudko – CEO