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Personal Note for February 2012

I was a little confused about how I would title this post—we missed the end of the year and it’s not quite the end of the quarter. I just don’t know where the time has gone. So here I am making up for lost time and getting a report together.

I guess first things first. Our little Domenica turned 6 months old just the other day. I can’t believe it.

Can anyone tell me how I can slow this growing stuff down?!

I mean just the other day Santino asked me if he could come work for me so he could earn some money. He said he has a few things he really wants to buy. I told him the hours and how much I would pay him and I found myself in negotiations with my 5 year old for 15 minutes. I have to tell you he made some good points.

This month in tech history:

1971 – Apollo 14 astronaut Alan Shepard hits the first golf ball on the Moon. With only 1/6th the gravity, I wonder what that really looked like.

1985 – Steve Wozniak decides to leave Apple. He remained a shareholder on the board but he comes back when Gil Amelio takes the reigns.

1998 – AOL takes over CompuServe. Does anyone remember what either of these companies do? lol

2008 – Microsoft makes an official bid for Yahoo! Hmm, see what happened after that?

AMRCON is gearing up for quite a year.

We announced, at the beginning of the year, our merger with MDP, and we’ve been very excited to meet and work with so many new clients.

Along with our ODS Managed Services clients, it seems IT projects and professional services have been warming up quite a bit. For the past few years this side of the IT industry has been very slow due to the economy. If an increase in new projects is any indicator of an economic turnaround, then it should be an interesting year.

I hope everyone is off to a great start. Check in with you again next month.


Dee Rudko, CEO