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Personal note for October 2009

KF 09-12-09 ASo this shot to the left sets the stage for our KeyportFest venue. AMRCON was there in support even in the rain. It was nice that the day turned dry a few hours in. Santino was asked to take a picture with his new AMRCON shirt and this is what I got. None the less everyone had a great time. The food vendors were great and the music played strong. Keep us in mind next year. It’s a great little trip to be enjoyed by the entire family. Next year the waterfront will be completed as well. But, don’t wait for KeyportFest to come an see us. A beautiful walk along the waterfront, fishing, and our town cuisine is already waiting.

Well summer’s over and fall is here already.  Where did the time go?  My wife is already purchasing holiday gifts? What’s wrong with this picture. The retailers don’t give us much time before the next holiday push. I just don’t remember it being like that when I was growing up. Everything seemed to be timed just right. Right about now I would still be getting used to my school schedule, not worrying about what I wanted to be for Halloween! They have stores now that go up seasonally like an H&R Block, that sell wall-to-wall costumes. What happened to mom making something? Was I spoiled? I remember Mom really taking quite a bit of time to make sure everything was just right. Sometimes I would end up being what she had on her mind and not mine, but I look back and realize it wasn’t so bad being a 15th century Chinese merchant, those were the days. Thanksgiving wasn’t even a thought on my mind at this time in the 80’s. Now I have an itinerary that was written last month for November. I guess Microsoft Outlook just manages our time these days. Well, when this computer fad passes I’m going back to farming. Not that I’ve ever farmed, but I’m told my family did way back when!1st day at school 2009 C

For those of my Personal Note followers that just want to see pictures of the kids, I invite you to make sure you actually look at the rest of the blog. Just in case here you go. Santino’s 1st day of school was celebrated with his brother Andrij now 9 months old. Santino pretty much had a handle on his new classroom and teachers in the first 30 minutes. I believe he provided his first report on how to enhance the classroom’s technology before he left his first day. Andrij is also showing signs of a technical calling, he seems to find my laptop like a homing pigeon no matter where it is. He opens it, but that’s as far as he gets, thankfully. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. 

I guess if there is one thing I’m reminded of this time of year is that the holidays come fast. I look forward to spendiKF 09-12-09 Bng time with some family and running from others, just kidding. The cold will come quick but I don’t mind paying the price for the slower pace of the holidays. Not that my schedule really gets slower, but these events provide the much needed family down time I look forward to all year, as I am very grateful for my family and all of my good fortunes. This picture pretty much sums it up. I wish everyone a successful 4th quarter, and a strong close of 2009.

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  1. Sean says:

    Hey there, I must say, that is a good looking family.