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Personal note for September 2009

summer 09 093Doesn’t it seem like clock work that the days have turned nice and the evenings nice and cool. The next thing you know the buses are picking up kids for the first day of school. Then the next thing it’s Labor Day. I’m still waiting for my summer schedule! Before you know it the leaves are going to change and we’ll be planning for the holiday’s, unless you’re like my wife who has already started. It just seems so unfair, we should probably open an office in Florida. So speaking of speeding through time, how about this picture of my son Santino already driving at 3? He did pretty well. He was so excited that he couldn’t concentrate on keeping his foot on the gas. Luckily the nice guy who ran the carts helped him out, thanks!

summer 09 104Okay so in all fairness I know I owe a picture of little Andrij, who we all call Deeko. I figured  I would provide some history now that we have so many new newsletter followers. And by the way thank you for all of your support. The little guy will be 9 months soon. I can’t believe it myself. I’ll bet most of you can remember when he was born as though it were yesterday. Well here he is already playing and very comfortable standing. My wife Sunny tells me he crawled up 8 steps the other day. The picture to the left is Deeko playing at the indoor playground just outside of Lake George, NY. My wife and family finally got the chance to get back up there to the family getaway spot.

So Santino pretty much runs the show when we’re away, so we had to hit some amusement parks and rides. The shot to the right is out on a train ride. summer 09 051Can you believe that, Santino wanted to go on a train ride. Surprising huh? Santino of course is the biggest Thomas the Tank Engine fan, in case you were unsure. Well that’s it for now. I want to personally thank everyone for checking out our new blog site platform. Be sure to subscribe above to get our monthly newsletter if you haven’t already. Also for those of you on FaceBook search for Dee Rudko and the AMRCON group.

Dee Rudko

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