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Service Level Agreement

AMRCON and Jersey MSP & Cloud (JMSPC)  collectively (AMRCON) agree to consistently use its best efforts to achieve the following Service Level Objectives for such Service (each is referred to as an “SLO”). Client entered into agreement will be referred to as (Company) herein. Following any monthly measurement period where AMRCON fails to meet a listed SLO, AMRCON will investigate the potential reasons for its failure, the reason for the failure, and AMRCON’s corrective plan to prevent repetition of the failure. If Company is dissatisfied with the written report or corrective plan, AMRCON will reasonably cooperate with Company to address Company’s dissatisfaction and refund 5% of monthly billing per day(s) required to remedy the failure SLO.

Technical Support Services

All Services include telephone support services, online technical support services, and on-site support services for Managed Infrastructure and their related operating systems, applications, network devices and other items as defined on . Support Services are offered 8AM through 5PM EST Monday through Friday except for holidays. All service requests outside these hours are considered out-of-scope (Standard-Fee-Schedule). Custom coverage is available upon request for additional daily hours, weekend, seasonal and holiday for additional monthly charges. Company must submit support requests via our online ODS Managed Services ticketing system (Click Here). Company may also call into our support center (732-705-5057 opt 2) if Company is having difficulty opening an online ticket, are requesting after hours support, or requesting Emergency Service. If you do not have access to your portal, send your requests to our ticketing system directly using service@amrcon.com . Be sure to test your access and notify the help desk if you have any trouble entering or using the portal.

AMRCON will use its best efforts to resolve Company’s computer technical problems for the Managed Infrastructure in a professional, reasonable and timely manner, taking into consideration the circumstances and nature of the technical problems. Response times may be delayed due to AMRCON service board activity, required vendor contact, special cases, higher priority tickets advanced in the Que, as may be necessary. During high call volume AMRCON employs a 3rd party to handle overflow. Although they are trained to take in information to open a ticket, please be prepared to provide company, contact and trouble description details. AMRCON has limited proprietary information from vendors, manufacturers, and developers may not have the ability to obtain any proprietary information necessary to resolve Company’s technical problem. However, AMRCON creates Alliance Partnerships whenever possible with AMRCON approved 3rd parties to help ensure access to information and technical contacts.

Desktop/Server Management

Support is limited to related operating system, standard software applications, and connected peripherals. For hardware related issues, AMRCON will work with manufacturer of the hardware to have warranty service/repair. Should the hardware be outside of the standard warranty it may be eligible for AMRCON’s Extended Warranty. To inquire about extended warranties send an email to warranty@amrcon.com. Should onsite support be required for technical issues, Company shall only be billed if provided service is considered Out-Of-Scope, physically damaged, or maliciously damaged, and will be billed at the rates defined in the Out-Of-Scope fee schedule. (Standard-Fee-Schedule)

Network Management

Support of Company’s network includes support of the routers, switches, firewalls, modems, cabling, domain registration and related DNS. AMRCON will monitor your Internet connection and work with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to ensure that your Internet service is working properly. If there is an outage, AMRCON works with your ISP to get services restored. Optional backup ISP services can be installed to avoid possible downtime. It is highly recommended that switches and firewalls always be maintained under product warranty and support agreements. This will avoid delays in hardware replacement.

Chief Information Officer Services (CIO Services)

As an  ODS Managed Services client Company shall have reasonable access to Consulting and Engineering Services at no additional cost. AMRCON employs extensive talent with decades of technology experience and re-certifying as required by industry standards. Company shall be assigned a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to fulfill such requests. Your CTO shall provide Company advice and guidance on infrastructure planning, purchasing advice, network audits, and project management (“CTO Services”). All requests for CTO Services must be initiated in writing by Company. Reasonable expenses may be billable for onsite consultations. Depending on the project scope AMRCON may deem the project Out-Of-Scope and service fees may apply. This is determined on a case-by-case basis since each project can vary.

Issue Priority & Response Time

Issue Priority

AMRCON reserves the right to classify each support incident by its level of priority as follows:

■ Critical – Company’s entire office, business operations or more than 50% of employees are affected and unable to perform work duties due to the reported issue.

■ High – At least one of Company’s employees are affected and are unable to perform their work duties due to the reported issues.

■ Medium – The issue is not preventing the employee from performing their work duties.

■ Low – One of more of the Company’s employees has a general question about software usage or a general technical knowledge question. This can also include training, hardware/software installation, or physical changes to the infrastructure that are not critical.

Response Time

AMRCON ensures its best effort to respond to all support requests within one (1) hour or better during normal business hours and guarantees support response times as follows:

■ Critical – Within 1 Business Hour

■ High – Within 4 Business Hours

■ Medium – Within 6 Business Hours

■ Low – Within 1 Business Day

A trouble may be reported as critical even though it does not meet the AMRCON standard requirements. Such instances require escalation on the service board and may become Out-Of-Scope. An authorized account contact must approve the request to escalate the trouble prior to re-prioritizing the ticket and must be documented in the ticketing system from the authorizing member.

AMRCON’s Objective is to provide a satisfactory resolution during the initial response time; however, extenuating circumstances such as dependency on Company’s third-part hardware/software vendors may prevent AMRCON from being able to provide a resolution within the time specified. Under such circumstances AMRCON may have to communicate with a third party provider, and such activity may extend the time before the solution is provided by AMRCON. Such instances are considered on a “Hold” status until the matter can be resolved.

After-Hours & Emergency Support

Please contact your CTO or Account Manager to include SLA for After-Hours & Emergency support. Standard agreements do not include an SLA for After-Hours or Emergency support and response time is provided as best effort. Service requests after or before normal business hours Monday – Friday are considered After-Hours, Holidays and Weekends are automatically given a status of Emergency. Services are billable at the rates provided under the Out-of-Scope fee schedule.

A ticket must be created to initiate regular After-Hours or an Emergency After-Hours service request by email service@jerseymsp.com or by telephone @ 732-705-5057 option 9 outside regular business hours. Once a ticket is opened an email will be sent with further instructions. Only authorized members of Company can initiate billable After-Hour/Emergency Support. We strongly suggest including After-Hours/Emergency SLA to your agreement if next business day response or best effort is not acceptable to Company. Keep your authorized members list up to date in your Client Portal.  Taking these two steps will ensure the fastest response and resolution times.

Supported Operating Systems:

■ Microsoft Windows versions 7 and later

■ Microsoft Windows Server versions 2008 and later

Supported Server Applications:

■ Microsoft Exchange 2007 and later

■ Microsoft SQL 2008 and later

Desktop Applications:

■ All Operating System Applications

■ Microsoft Office 2007 and later

■ Microsoft Outlook 2010 and later

■ QuickBooks, ACT, Goldmine, CRM, and other(s) business applications that meet the following criteria (not more than 3 versions back, must have vendor maintenance)

Hardware Firewalls & Content Management:

■ Cisco, Linksys, NetGear, SonicWall, Barracuda, and others with approval

Out-Of-Date Equipment/Software Support

AMRCON reserves the right to limit the scope of services pertaining to Managed Infrastructure that contains outdated technology. Out dated technology is defined by any device, software or operating system that is no longer supported, manufactured or licensed by the manufacturer. Out-Of-Date Equipment also pertains to equipment considered outside its normal life cycle. AMRCON’s general life cycle rule is a period of no more than four (5) years of service. Equipment that can be provided Extended Warranty service may be support In-Scope under agreement. AMRCON may require the purchase of an Extended Warranty for the ability to comply with SLA.

Out-Of-Scope Services

Support of Managed Infrastructure includes project-related work (“Professional Services”), such as any moving of equipment, installing new software/hardware, additions or modifications of technology within reasonable judgment. Fees pertaining to such extensive Professional Services considered Out-Of-Scope will be determined on a case-by-case basis as defined in the Out-Of-Scope fee schedule. (Standard-Fee-Schedule)

Extended Warranty Service

With a Premier Plan AMRCON’s Extended Warranty Service (“EWS”) will provide replacement of Company’s Managed Infrastructure failed hardware outside original manufacturer’s warranty, items must be within AMRCON’s Out-Of-Date policy or approved, and such hardware failures other than physical damage or catastrophic acts outside normal usage of such equipment. Items nearing exclusion but within AMRCON’s Out-Of-Date policy may be credited the hardware replacement cost to be placed toward a new/replacement hardware cost, or in the case the hardware replacement part is no longer available. Out-of-Scope Professional Services may apply. To inquire about extended warranties send an email to warranty@amrcon.com.

Hardware Failures (Regular replacement vs. Disaster Recovery “DR”)

With a Premier Plan support of Managed Infrastructure includes reasonable labor and expenses required as a result of failed hardware under normal use.  Items not covered by original manufactures warranty will be reasonably covered by AMRCON’s Extended Warranty Service at no cost to the Company. Such items must comply within AMRCON’s Out-Of-Date policy.

Catastrophic disasters or cases in which a Disaster Recovery Plan must be executed is Out-Of-Scope. Any such instances would be considered Critical and receive the highest level of priority by AMRCON and our staff. Such replacement hardware covered under manufacturer’s warranty may require additional time to complete the repair, unless mutually determined that it is not in the best interests of the Company to wait. In such cases the fastest possible corrective measures would be recommended and executed, and incur additional Out-Of-Scope costs.

Please consult with your CTO for reasonable solutions to bring your network to the highest level of redundancy. AMRCON recommends the following solutions to avoid or reduce long outages in the case of a disaster.

  • Workstation technology should include RAID 1, UPS backup 25min-1hour run-time
  • Server technology should include RAID 1, RAID 5, multi-RAID configuration, redundant power supplies, UPS system for 1-4 hour run-time, 2nd Domain Controller off-site, File replication, Backup DNS & DHCP services, Offsite replication.
  • Network should include 2 ISP services A & B, and optionally 2X Routers, 2X Firewall,
  • Infrastructure should have a backup generator where possible, Natural gas with natural gas backup, written Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Cloud solutions, and or hybrid cloud solutions can provide further benefit, in most cases can save on upfront costs as well as long term

A proposal for any described solutions can be requested from a Sales Engineer se@amrcon.com.

Onsite Technical Support

AMRCON’s live technical support does not assure that every request for technical support will be resolved remotely to Company’s satisfaction. With the Premier Support plan, onsite support shall be provided to Company as needed to resolve technology support issues that could not be solved using telephone or remote technical support. AMRCON reserves the right to exhaust all telephone and technical support options it deems reasonable before performing onsite technical support services. AMRCON retains sole discretion regarding scheduling of onsite services according to our Issue Priority and Response time policy guarantees. Standard agreements incur Out-Of-scope fees and are invoiced separately at the time of service. For your protection a representative with authority must approve such instances prior to dispatch. Please see fee schedule for standard rates. (Standard-Fee-Schedule)

Access Policy

Company agrees to allow AMRCON remote access to Managed Infrastructure for regular maintenance and administration during the maintenance window and when necessary. Such access may be but not limited to emergency support, maintenance and or administration that require completion to properly support such devices under Company’s Managed Infrastructure. Company may also elect to provide physical means of access through the provision of spare keys, and designated alarm codes accountable to AMRCON’s access only. Means of physical access are stored in accordance with AMRCON’s security policy and remain under lock and key until such time that they are required. When means of physical access are not available it is the responsibility of the Company to ensure the designated emergency contact or other authorized personnel allow AMRCON physical access. AMRCON shall not be held responsible for any assurances or guarantees for Emergency Service when access cannot be provided and reserves the right to provide support on the following business day.

Service Window

AMRCON requires a Service Window daily during Company’s after hours in order to complete various onsite or remote tasks such as but not limited to network audits, scans, backups, and other planned or unplanned services to the Managed Infrastructure. Unless otherwise requested by Company this Service Window will be between the hours 6PM and 6AM Monday through Friday and all day on weekends. If you require a schedule modification please send requests to service@amrcon.com.

AMRCON Patch Management

AMRCON will monitor on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis for newly released security-related bulletins applicable to Microsoft Windows operating systems. AMRCON employs a review policy for such updates to ensure proper functionality prior to deployment on the Managed Infrastructure.

AMRCON updates the Managed Infrastructure after the release of a Microsoft Security Bulletin and performs the update monthly in accordance with release and review of patches by a 3rd party as well as AMRCON. AMRCON scheduled patch scans on the last Friday of each month and pushes updates the following Sunday at 2:00AM.

Note: Known as Patch Tuesday, occurs on the second, and sometimes fourth, Tuesday of each month. Microsoft has a pattern of releasing a larger number of updates in even-numbered months, and fewer in odd-numbered months.

AMRCON Onsite Backup Service (“Backup Services”)

AMRCON employs multiple Backup solutions as an integrated ODS backup module for all devices running a Microsoft Windows operating system. An onsite backup device may be required and can be purchased or provided as Hardware As A Service (HAAS) with your ODS Managed Services service plan. This device is responsible for being the repository for daily backups of each drive in the Managed Infrastructure, and can include laptops, desktops and servers. AMRCON’s ODS Backup process is fast, secure and more stable than any tape or database driven software solutions.  ODS Managed Services provides real-time management, execution and reporting of all backup processes and responds automatically to failures.

The ODS Backup Service creates a complete image backup of each device’s entire hard drive and stores it on the local backup device onsite or “NAS Device”. This is highly effective in bare metal restoration to dissimilar hardware or complete network restoration in the case of a catastrophic when Off-site replication is selected. In addition a routine folder backup can also be scheduled for an additional fee. A folder backup can backup multiple times per day for greater protection of critical files and folders. A folder backup image is also smaller than a full image and can be selected in conjunction with Off-site replication to keep storage costs down.

The ODS Data Backup allows the selection of folders and files types similar to ODS Backup folder backup. However it does not require an on-site NAS. It will pull the file backup in a trickle directly off-site into a secure Amazon S3 data center. ODS Data Backup can also be set to throttle CPU and bandwidth where ODS Backup can not. This backup service is ideal for laptops, remote sites, and where an image backup is not important relative to risk and possible recovery time. Available for MAC and Windows.

AMRCON’s Backup Service policy is set specific to the Company’s requirements and Service Window availability. AMRCON guarantees to maintain a standard  backup rotation (seven (7) day incremental) for each device unless otherwise required by the Company for an additional fee. If a backup fails AMRCON’s support staff is notified in real-time in order to take corrective measures using the following policy.

ODS Backup Standard Schedule: Daily 7 Day Rotation: Day (1) Full on Friday @ 10:00PM, each day thereafter (6) incremental or the difference between each day.

ODS Data Backup Standard Schedule: Daily 30 Day Rotation: Day (1) Full on Friday @ 9:00PM, each day thereafter (9) incremental or the difference between each day. User Profiles only. Can be altered to client need or specifications.

*Completion times may very depending on the amount of data and may require customization to ensure the backup has been completed prior to working hours. On complete or failure reporting to email available on request.

■ Server Backup Failure – Medium Response Time Policy of 6 hour response, 24 hour resolution

■ Workstation Backup Failure – Low Response Time Policy of 8 hour response, 48 hour resolution

■ Laptop Backup Failure – AMRCON does not guarantee a regular backup pattern for laptops since they are not guaranteed to be available during the Companies Service Window.

No Loss of Backed Up Data Guarantee

Subject to the data backup limitations and requirements as defined herein, AMRCON will at all times ensure the protection and backup of Company’s data for Managed Infrastructure that is covered by the Backup Service, such that Company will not permanently lose any data that has been stored on any Managed Infrastructure system for which AMRCON provides Backup Services. In the event that Company loses such data for any reason (whether by viral “infection”, equipment failure, or inadvertence), AMRCON will make its best efforts to restore the lost data from the last good backup. Should AMRCON not be able to meet this guarantee AMRCON will pay Company $250 per incident.

Backup Agent Software

To deploy Backup Services, AMRCON will install a software module (the “Backup Agent”) on to each Device (“Protected System(s)”) in the Managed Infrastructure. Additional monthly fees apply for optional back services.

AMRCON Offsite Backup Service (“Off-site Replication”)

ODS Backup Service provides the ability to add our Online Backup Service. Each Agreement will include at least 1 unit of offsite replication, which provides a maximum of 100GB of storage space. Additional units of service will be added when your storage exceeds this limit in increments of (100GB) in accordance with our Service Fee Schedule. A mirrored image of the (onsite backup or folder backup) will be pushed securely from your onsite backup to the data center. The Offsite Backup is trickled 24/7 after the onsite backup has been completed. The trickle is configured to use the least amount of bandwidth to ensure network performance. Company must meet the Bandwidth Requirements stated herein.

ODS Data Backup does not require an on-site NAS and therefore pushes directly online. The same fee structure applies.

Backup Service Monitoring

All backup and restore processes are monitored and managed by AMRCON and the AMRCON Help Desk. Some 3rd party(s) may be involved with handling the storage of backups depending on your selection. AMRCON is the primary and others may include Acronis, Amazon S3, and the  Internet Service Providers (“ISP”) network communications. If any alerts arise, the Help Desk is notified via our ODS console and will receive corrective action in accordance with our SLA and industry best practice. AMRCON may require that Company intervene within the Managed Infrastructure to correct the problem.

In the event that Company’s network, Managed Infrastructure or data is adversely affecting the operation of the backup Service, Company’s Backup Service may be suspended without liability to AMRCON upon prior written notice, unless in the Help Desk’s sole technical discretion, a technical emergency shall require immediate suspension (which shall be without liability to AMRCON).

Data Protection Levels

Variable configurations are available from the schedules and policies for Backup Service described herein. Other configurations are available upon request.

Guaranteed Recover-ability

AMRCON will use the onsite backup for restoration where applicable and only recover from the offsite backup when required. Restore time over the Internet is limited by Company’s connection bandwidth speed. AMRCON may make the recommendation to increase the internet speed or add an additional ISP for purposes of ensuring the backup replication service.

Data Security

AMRCON Data Backup Service Agent uses 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption to encode and secure every file backed up using the Offsite Backup using the same measures, protocols and standards that the financial institutions use to protect their data. The AMRCON data center backup servers are actually two geographically dispersed, secure facilities, with physical access limited to only AMRCON employees with clearance to maintain the systems.

Bandwidth Requirements

AMRCON will be able to provide an estimate of the completion time for the initial Offsite Backup and an estimate of bandwidth required for Company’s continuous operation of the Offsite Backup Service. Bandwidth requirements are based on a combination of rated bandwidth, latency and bandwidth error rates. Company will be notified if AMRCON determined that there is insufficient bandwidth for Company’s continuous operation.

Changes are sent to the AMRCON Data Center Server when there is a valid Connection between the Managed Infrastructure and the Data Center. “Valid Connection” means that the bandwidth actually available between the Company site and the AMRCON Data Center is adequate for the amount of data being protected and the rate of the data changes as discussed below. The bandwidth actually available can be affected by occasional or intermittent slowdowns or interruptions in the network path(s) to the Data Center. The Offsite Backup Service will continue operation via a low bandwidth trickle until the backup has been completed.

AMRCON estimates that a typical file system will see a daily change rate of 5%. At this change rate, the expected bandwidth requirement is 20 kbps per protected gigabyte (“GB”). The following table provides an estimate of the upstream bandwidth required to protect various amounts of data:

Bandwidth Requirements

Upload Speed 10MB: 1GB @ 50% overhead= 20min

Upload Speed 25MB: 1GB @ 50% overhead= 8min

Upload Speed 50MB: 1GB @ 50% overhead= 4min

Higher rates of change will result in a linear increase in bandwidth required. Increased amounts of protected data, increase rates of data change, other demands for bandwidth, or other factors that contribute to latency may, at a given time, limit the effectiveness of Company’s use of Offsite Backup.

Initial Protection Time Requirements

The Initial Backup process for each Protected System must be completed before a Protected System is fully protected by the Backup Service. This process may take several days. Data transfer rates for the Initial Backup can be estimated at 2GB per day for each 256 Kbps of available bandwidth. Typically, if only the minimum bandwidth is available for the given capacity, it could take longer in some cases. We generally find most businesses to exceed the bandwidth requirements and complete the Initial Backup over (48) hours. However, extended network interruptions can extend Time Requirements. The AMRCON Backup Service does employ a system that coordinates a restart of the file transfer exactly where it left off, thus making restarts and network interruptions less catastrophic.

Backup Limitations

In order for Company’s data to be backed up in accordance with this Agreement, Company must maintain a functioning 10MB upload speed or great Internet connection and each Managed Device connected through a 100MB or greater switch for the purpose of providing data backup services. Company must not reconfigure or otherwise adjust the Data Backup Agent or network and firewall settings. If Company limits the scope or frequency of backup in violation of this provision or otherwise, Company acknowledges that backup will be limited to that scope and frequency enabled by Company. AMRCON cannot provide for restoration of data that has not been backed up due to Company’s failure to comply with this section. Operating System and individual software applications are backed up in their entirety with the Backup Service product. Individual applications and windows files are generally not restored fragmented. Data files and content can be restored at any time during normal business hours.

In the case a system requires complete restoration, AMRCON cannot guarantee the duration of time for recovery, nor guarantees to stock replacement parts in the case of a complete crash.  However a native system containing 25GB of data is generally restored within (2.5) hours from the onsite backup and disclaims any and all liability in connection with same. AMRCON also makes every attempt to replace damaged disks prior to complete crash. AMRCON will also make the recommendation in high availability situations to stock the replacement hard drives onsite as well as employ a RAID solution to prevent down-time even in the case of a hard drive physical failure. The Offsite Backup Service capacity is limited to (100GB) or the service may be subject to additional charges. (Standard-Fee-Schedule)

Central Endpoint Security (“CES”)

CES is AMRCON’s integrated security software to protect your Managed Infrastructure from Spyware, Viruses and Malware. You may select the optional service as a part of your Agreement. AMRCON agrees to provide best practice protection, administration and clean up on any protected equipment. Although you may have protection, it is not guaranteed. A mouse click on an email or visiting the wrong website can leave you infected. Catastrophic events such as network wide infection from but not limited to crypto, trojan, and malware is considered Out-Of-Scope and must quickly be responded to. AMRCON warns all users to be careful prior to clicking on unfamiliar messages that can be malicious. Ask before clicking on such messages. General Warning: In our experience in some cases we have experienced 1-3 days time for clean up and recovery.

Contact Protocol

Although the staff at the Help Desk are monitoring, and providing real-time administration for your Managed Network, Company employees may require troubleshooting as well as access to technical support to answer questions. Your ODS service is driven by the AMRCON Help Desk and its technical support staff. Our staff relies on a ticketing system to track all support issues no matter if it is client or Help Desk initiated. We require a ticket to be opened for each call, or service request.

Request Support

To initiate a Support Request you must open a Support Ticket. All Support Tickets are responded to within (1) hour. The staff in the Help Desk will determine the SLA and severity of the issue and apply the appropriate time due and date.

■ Open a ticket online  – You can open a ticket online by using the ODS Managed Services Agent. The  ODS Managed Services Agent is located in the Windows task bar on your desktop. The task bar is the row on the bottom right corner of your screen where the time is located. There you will find the green and blue  ODS Managed Services logo. Simply double-click the icon and wait a few seconds. A web browser will open and automatically open up your desktops portal to the  ODS Managed Services system. Here you will find a menu on the left side that will have a title “Open a ticket”. Provide a title and basic description of the issue and click “Submit”.

■ Open a ticket by calling support- If you are unable to open a ticket online you will need to call in to support. You can call our AMRCON primary number 732-705-5057 and select option (2) to be transferred to the Help Desk directly. Someone will be more than happy to enter the ticket and provide the response necessary to resolve the issue.

■ Initiate an After-Hour Emergency Support Ticket- ODS support is available 24/7/365. Company’s ODS Agreement provides the policy for SLA on After-Hours or Emergency support. Standard agreements do not include an SLA for After-Hours or Emergency support and are provided as best effort.  A ticket must be created by email to service@jerseymsp.com or call 732-705-5057 option 9 outside regular business hours. Once a ticket is opened an email will be sent with further instructions. Service requests after or before normal business hours Monday – Friday are considered After-Hours, Holidays and Weekends are automatically given a status of Emergency. Services are billable at the rates provided under the Out-of-Scope fee schedule. Only authorized members of Company can initiate billable After-Hour/Emergency service. We strongly suggest keeping you authorized members list up to date in your Client Portal for the fastest response and resolution times.