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Small Business Executive Review

“Hello and welcome to AMRCON’s  “Small Business Executive Review”.  I am Taras Rudko and as many of you know I have been on board with AMRCON for just about a year now as their Chief Information Officer.  During this time period I have had the ability to experience and gather valuable information that I now plan on sharing with the AMRCON Community.

 We live and conduct business in a rapidly changing and complex landscape that does not only revolve around a successful P&L.   Making decisions that successfully guide you through that landscape require intelligence in the form of internal and external influences.  I hope to examine Technological, Political, Social and Governmental influences.   Blend them with a mix of life and career experiences to provide insight in the form of blog articles.

 Topics that I hope to cover in the blog installments will include, leveraging technology investments, security both physical and digital, operational awareness, political and regulatory impacts on small business and the like.

 I hope that you find the material insightful, educational and from time to time humorous.”

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  1. Dee Rudko says:

    Keep it coming. This is a great slice to get our followers to learn more about and your role here at AMRCON.