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The Advantages of a Managed Services Model over Staff Augmentation

Managed Services Model Benefits

Photo credit: torkildr (Creative Commons)

Widely acknowledged as the most effective option for managing a business’s IT network, the managed services model has replaced the need for businesses to staff and manage in-house IT departments.

Below, we present of few arguments for why a managed services model versus staff augmentation is the best choice for many businesses:

  • A managed services model takes a proactive rather than reactive approach to managing a business’s IT infrastructure. Therefore, many IT issues are prevented before they become problems that need to be fixed. This proactive approach effectively lowers a business’s total IT costs which makes the managed services model an ideal longterm strategy for many business owners.
  • The pricing structure for a managed services model is based on a regular monthly fee rather than the hourly fees associated with staff augmentation. For that reason, a business’s IT costs remain low and stable as compared to staff augmentation, even when technical issues arise. This stability in cost also makes determining how much money to set aside for IT support each month predictable, removing guesswork from the equation.
  • Taking a proactive approach to monitoring and maintaining a business’s IT infrastructure as in the managed services model ensures that staff productivity will be increased by a stable and secure network. With fewer interruptions and technical issues to deal with, a business’s staff will have more time to focus on performing their jobs.

These are just a few reasons why a managed services model is beneficial to many businesses in today’s marketplace. Contact us to discuss additional benefits of the managed services model and the levels of service we offer to businesses in New Jersey.