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What is a Help Desk?

Photo by Horia Varlan

These days, businesses rely on technology to maintain the efficiency and success of their operations. That’s why maintaining an effective IT infrastructure is so crucial. Without it, a business can’t function at its top performance level.

Outsourcing your IT department to a managed services provider (MSP) is the first step to ensuring your IT infrastructure runs effectively. A great MSP will be able to anticipate problems before they arise or fix them before they become big issues that slow your business down.

However, there are some problems that cannot be predicted. They are bound to arise without notice and, in those cases, it helps to have a backup plan to nip the issue in the bud.

That’s where the help desk comes into play.

A help desk is a resource designed to provide IT users with information and assistance regarding problems with their IT infrastructure. So when a problem arises you’ll have a resource to troubleshoot the issue and resolve it.

A help desk can take many forms. Sometimes it’s a person sitting behind a desk. Sometimes it’s a call-center. Sometimes, it’s simply a list of questions and answers posted online to help IT users solve technology-related issues.

What makes AMRCON’s help desk so great?

AMRCON’s ultimate goal is to help your business succeed no matter what. This includes helping you keep your IT expenses in check. Sending an IT technician to your office doesn’t make sense if the problem can be fixed remotely.

Our help desk is designed to fix minor problems before they become big problems. No matter the time of day, our on-demand support team will be available to assist you in resolving your technology issues. We offer 24/7 support along with network monitoring and alerting so problems can be identified and fixed right away.

If this sounds like a service you think your business would benefit from, request a Free Network Audit to learn more.