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Why Your Business Needs a Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan

Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan for disasters on the horizon.

Disaster is always on the horizon. Will you business be prepared? (Photo by Ani Carrington)

Disasters are an unfortunate part of life. They can strike without warning and leave your business in complete disarray.

Whether it’s a mechanical error, a virus, a hurricane or some other type of disaster, you’re at risk of losing some or all of your data.

The exact percentages are up for debate, but here are some backup and disaster recovery statistics we gathered from various sources:

  • Only 35 percent of small and medium-sized enterprises have a disaster recovery plan in place.
  • The survival rate for businesses without a backup and disaster recovery plan is less than 10 percent.
  • 90 percent of businesses that lose data due to a disaster are forced to shut down within two years.
  • 53 percent of victims never recoup losses incurred by a disaster.

As you can see, having a backup and disaster recovery plan in place is an essential ingredient in ensuring business continuity.

The above statistics have been quoted in the IT industry for a number of years, but we recommend taking them with a grain of salt. Not everyone agrees on the percentages.

However, even though the accuracy of these statistics is not clear, they are probably not very far off. A loss of data can severely immobilize a business and risk destroying that business in the long run.

What does a backup and disaster recovery plan cover?

A comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan is designed to keep a business operational despite disaster.

That being said, every plan is different depending on your managed IT services provider. AMRCON works closely with businesses to analyze their unique situations.

As part of your plan, we may suggest any number of back-up and disaster recovery services, including:

  • Server and workstation daily backups
  • Offsite server replication
  • Colocation
  • Failover

Visit our Backup & Disaster Recovery page to learn more or request a Free Network Audit to discuss your business’ needs.

Don’t let a disaster keep your business from achieving the success it deserves.